Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Women’s attractiveness judged by software

"According to Haaretz, an Israeli team of computer scientists has developed a software that ranks facial attractiveness of women. Instead of identifying basic facial characteristics, this software has been designed to make aesthetic judgments — after training. The lead researcher said this program ‘constitutes a substantial advance in the development of artificial intelligence.’ It is interesting to note that the researchers focused on women only."

[via zdnet]

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  1. There are several reasons for making the software focus on women only. The research and software build directly on work found in "Is an Objective Measuring System for Facial Attractiveness Possible?" available at Amazon.
    In that work it is shown that objective models of attractiveness are more accurate for female faces than for male faces. Software for male faces is possible but would be very unlikely to be as accurate. One of several reason, for example, is that male faces vary in attractiveness to female observers depending on the point they are at in their menstrual cycle.